What In The World Are Vines And How Can You Use Vine’s For Your Business?

Let’s face it- there’s no catching up to Digital Social Media these days. It seems like every day, there is a platform popping up every 2 weeks and before you can catch your breath to get your creative juices flowing, you have to learn about something else that’s out on the market.


Ergo Agency: #AskErgo

Ever since we have launched Ergo Agency, our phones have been ringing off the hook. Partly because we started a successful pay-per-click campaign, and partly because the world is abuzz (or should we say panicking) about social media and what it means for their business. You see, many changes have surfaced to the top in 2013. Google changed their algorithm(see here to understand what this fully means), and SOCIAL MEDIA is definitely no longer a “trend” coined by the young millennials of our world.


Why Small Businesses Cannot Ignore Internet Marketing in 2014

Businesses have never needed a better reason to have internet presence than now!

If you look around you as you commute to work, or walk in the park, or the mall, you will notice one sure thing: people are on their SMART PHONES checking YouTube viral videos, Facebook status updates, Tweeting and re-tweeting, getting news updates and the list goes on and on.