What An Agency Needs To Know About You To Be Able To Design/Redesign Your Website

When you contact an agency to ask for a design quote- don’t expect them to simply churn something over without asking a bunch of questions. The ones that do send over the quote without this stop- drop them like a hot potato!

Here are 3 questions agencies should at-least be asking you before they send over a quote to you:

1. What types of websites do you like that are similar to what you want to build?
2. What is the nature of your business and do you have competitors in the marketplace? List their websites
3. What kind of functionality are you looking for? Do you have any special bells and whistles that you’d like to see added to the website?

The above three questions give the agency deep insights into your style sense, the competitor landscape and also the level of effort on the technology side that is needed to build your site. With this information, you can get a nice broad quote.
For a needle point, perfectly sound quote- you will need to have a 2-3 hour interview with the agency, create specifications, and only then will you receive an exact quote.