Ergo Services


It was a brand introduction exercise that required everything from site design and experience to
search optimization, and everything in between. 


Search Engine Marketing

Ergo conducted extensive research for Aavaz  SEM keywords - including long tail and  short tail keywords, optimized quality scores  against relevant landing pages, conducted  bid management & optimized ad copy.

Our Google Certified team is not only  knowledgeable but they are also  responsible for managing Aavaz'  delicate media budget as effectively  as possible. 





SEO / Blog

SEO and Content Marketing are like brother  and sister, or husband and wife or maybe they are twins! The point is... findability is incredibly  important to your business and without a  sound content strategy (which includes  blogging) well- you're not going to get  found too easily. It has been established  that more people convert from your blog  page than any other page on your website (if your blog strategy is done properly, that is!) 






We have a welcome series of emails to guide our customers through their 14-day trial, we have confirmation emails, we send our clients/leads/ lost leads a weekly touch point by virtue of a blog/ article.

The open rates and click rates (18%, in some-cases) for these emails are incredibly jaw-dropping and extremely satisfying from a branding and retention standpoint. Our customers sought us, found us, submitted their information to us, and appreciate that we keep in touch with them. We have delicately asserted an email schedule that isn't jarring by testing the customer email tolerance levels extensively.

Social Media

What good are we if we ignore Social Media for our clients. If you visit Aavaz' social pages, you will see an abundance of content that is extremely successful in bringing in traffic to our website! We are present on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And moreso, getting real leads from these sites!