Myths About International Schools.

As a parent, you are always re-evaluating and reconsidering your choices regarding your child and always try to give them the best you can give. To this end, you may have considered sending them to an international school, but some misleading information you may have come across put a stop to those plans. 

A lot of the time, these statements people hold dear are nothing more than myths that are perpetrated without research. Here are a few of them and an explanation why they are wrong.

1.    They are meant to prepare students to study and work abroad.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Schools existed way before international schools began burgeoning. A lot of students were still accepted into foreign universities and workplaces without an international school certificate. The only advantage an international school certificate has here is being recognized by a wide variety of foreign institutions.

2.    Students cannot handle difficult exams.
The aim of education should be to develop the capabilities of a child, and prepare them for life after school, not merely to pass exams. With the amenities on offer at international schools, your child is guaranteed to develop academically as well as have their talents nurtured to a point where they can rely entirely on them to earn a living.
Every curriculum will be challenging in their own way to every student. 

3.      Students don’t get accepted into national centers of higher learning.
Institutions of higher learning do not have a preference as to which curricula they will accept or not. Most even go ahead and post intake criteria with requirements for the different educational systems. If a prospective student is locked out, this is mainly due to the reservation quotas the institutions have set for themselves. There is no easy school curriculum, all students have to work hard to meet their goals.

So, whether you decide to enroll your child, be it in an international school in Bangkok or further away in the country, you are guaranteed your child’s future will not be in question. An international school will offer different experiences, cultural and educational, that most students don’t get to experience in national schools. 

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