Easy Mediation Techniques For Children

Mediation has a lot of benefits for children. Although kids may look less troubled, they may be stressed out as much as adults are. In such a fast paced society, there are so many factors that can cause anxiety and restlessness to children. 

Getting them to practice mediation can help children deal with such issues. Mediation will help them focus on their inner thoughts, improve their confidence and release all the negative energy. Family learning network recommends these easy mediation techniques to get your kids started on the right foot. Trust me, kids can do it!

Chanting power

Make the children recite the mantras. Children love chanting. Reciting Sanskrit mantras is not easy, but this is also a chance for you to help your children learn how to recite them properly.

The repeated pronunciation of the mantras will help clear their throats thus improving their breath. It will also improve their concentration since you are striving to guide them chant the mantras correctly.

Cloud gazing

This is a simple activity to help children focus. While they are seated or laying flat on the ground, ask them to gaze at the sky. As they gaze, engage them by asking questions such as the shape of the clouds, how the clouds are drifting away etc.

You can also ask them how they feel while they are gazing at the clouds. Are they sad or happy? What is going on in their minds?

Nature walk

The best thing about nature is that it captivates everyone. According to studies, exposure to nature positively impacts mental health. Get your children out on a nature walk. A walk in the forest, mountains or near a water body is perfect. Tell them any stories associated with the places. Ask the children to identify any flowers, trees or animals they have learnt about in school. Spending time in nature will make them more aware of their environment and the fresh air calms them down.

Candle gazing technique

Although teaching children gazing may seem impossible, it can still be down with a little patience and creativity. Practicing gazing for kids can help improve their attention span and enhance memory retention.

Use a candle in a dark room. Have your child focus on the flame. You can count up to 10 as you gradually increase the length of time. Let them breathe deeply as they focus on the lit candle.

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